My Portfolio

[email protected]
I have worked with multiple technologies like:
JIRA, Trello, Git, Bitbucket, Maven, Jenkins CI,
Eclipse, IntelliJ, Apache, GitLab, GitHub,  Xenforo,
Enjin, Gradle, Netdata, Minecraft, Pocketmine, Discord,
Slack, Skype, CloudFlare, SSH, FTP/SFTP, Skript, Spigot, 
Bungee, SQL, Electron, PhonegGap, VNC, TS3, WHMCS

Platforms I've worked with: Windows 10, Debian, Ubuntu, Docker,
Puppet, Kali

Database applications: MySQL, MongoDB

Main Programming languages: NodeJS, Python

Server Panels: Multicraft, PufferPanel, Pterodactyl


  • Sysadmin for UGNServers,
  • Manager for PixelPlex,
  • Developer for Forge Factions,
  • Sysadmin for KizamyMc,
  • Sysadmin for CoboCraft
  • Support for FalconNode


  • Gymnasium
  • Ethical Hacking @ Udemy
  • CCNA Course @ Pluralsight
  • Puppet Course @ Pluralsight
  • Nodejs @ Pluralsight
  • Python @ Pluralsight
  • AWS @ Pluralsight
  • PHP @ Pluralsight
  • Docker @ Pluralsight


My main tasks have been:

  • Keeping Uptime
  • Support
  • Community Management
  • Regular And Secure Updates


  • Fluent Dutch
  • Fluent English
  • Decent German


  • Always active.
  • Great knowledge of various applications to achieve a specific task.
  • Great at error analyzing.
  • Readable and performant code.
  • Eager to learn.